Infrastructure Loan in Chennai Tamilnadu

Infrastructure financing for large-scale projects – such as related to government and non-government economic clusters, free-zones – through private investment based upon anticipated cash-flows from the completed project. Investors raise equity and manage debt raised from banks and other lenders. Our company KFS arrange to provide 100% finance on Project cost and supports on Project related Construction equipments needs too.

Infrastructure Projects such as Renewable energy, Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Railways, Airport development, Port Development, Irrigation projects, Metro rails, Marine Engineering projects and more

Infrastructure loan in Chennai Tamilnadu or Infra projects finance is a unique finance option which is provided for Infra projects like construction of PWD projects such as roads, bridges, railway station, airports, seaports and more developments by governments.

The infrastructure loan is eligible for

➤ EPC Infrastructure Contractors
➤ Class-I contractors
➤ PWD Contractors
➤ Sub Contractors
➤ Railway contractors
➤ Airport contractors
➤ Seaport contractors
➤ Pipeline contractors
➤ Oil, Gas & water related projects
➤ Under-Water infrastructure projects
➤ Suppliers & Service providers for projects

The infra finance is utilized for cost working for a project development. Much expense may be required on those developments related to construction.

The major finance requirements of an infrastructure development companies are

➤ Working capital gap Filling
➤ Raw materials Purchase
➤ Heavy construction equipments hiring needs
➤ Purchasing of heavy construction equipments
➤ Manpower expenses
➤ Administrative expenses

In infrastructure finance one of the major infrastructure development is construction of Roads, Bridges & Tunnels utilized for working capital such purchasing raw-materials such as cements, bitumen’s, readymix, patching materials and more..

For construction such as airports, Sea-ports, railways the infrastructure can designed and awarded by an infrastructure development company who is well experienced in infrastructure development. The design must be approved by the government and the cost of working also suits to the budget of the government. Once a tender got awarded to an entrepreneur who is provided proper quotes and proper design., he could spent a lot of money to pay deposit such as EMD to take the tender, manpower, administration, technical team, testing team and major focused in raw materials and heavy construction equipments.

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